About us

Welcome to DNWM aka DNWELL Music, the home of great music!

DNWELL Music [DNWM] is an independent electronic music brand & label from Finland. DNWM was established by producer Jorma Oinas in 2015.

Jorma didn’t want to be tied to a certain genre and that is where the idea of DNWM originated from.

We are creative, innovative and ambitious in our production. DNWM is moving strongly and proudly into the future. Here is a good example…

The new ambitious album by DNWELL, Changes in Condition, was released  in 16.10.2023!

It’s electric and chill hop! Check out the video playlist for the entire album! Feel the Ice Cold Heat…


We have a passion for electronic music and hopefully we’ll manage to share that passion with our listeners.

With years of experience in this field the mission here in DNWM is simple; focus on producing music we love!